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Immerse yourself in a creative school within the creative capital of New Zealand.

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Chilton Music School offers a carefully crafted and world-class homestay service through Chilton Saint James School.

Students are traditionally expected to live with a homestay or family member. The homestay facilities offer students safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation, catering for all needs, big or small, and focusing on delivering a great experience for your son or daughter while they study at the school.

Homestay families are looking for students with which to share the New Zealand experience. All families are carefully selected and vetted, and have a common interest in providing a safe, warm and caring environment. Many of the homestay parents are past Chilton students themselves or have students currently at Chilton.


Chilton Music School is located in Lower Hutt and is surrounded by shops, medical facilities and amenities such as hairdressers, dentists and bookshops. The local mall is three blocks away from the school and is within walking distance.

Wellington city is only a 10-minute train ride away. Voted “the coolest little capital in the world”, Wellington is a small city surrounded by green hills and nestled round a glistening harbour. As well as being the centre of government, Wellington is the country’s creative capital, offering an array of international arts, events and entertainment.


Chilton Saint James School has a strong commitment to pastoral care. All Chilton Music School students will be supported by their tutor, teacher, dean, homestay manager, where applicable, and the Director of CMS, Tom Chatterton.
Chilton Music School - Pastoral Care

The International Support Team provides encouragement and support for students from overseas and meets with them regularly. The school’s StudyCare programme assists students to integrate into the school community and share their experiences of other cultures. Chilton is part of Wellington Private Education Network (WPEN), where international students gain exposure to New Zealand through activities ranging from university visits to enjoying tourist attractions.

Each student’s academic and personal development is monitored by the Principal and team through the pastoral care system. Regular reports are sent to parents. Where necessary, these can be translated into the student’s first language.

The Principal, Kathy Lloyd-Parker, takes an active interest in the welfare of all the students.


Students at Chilton are encouraged to balance their academic study with participation in extra-curricular activities.
Chilton Music School - Extra Curricular

Students have the opportunity to be involved in a range of sports teams, dance, drama and music. Chilton Dance Centre, which operates on the school campus, provides dance classes to over 400 students each week. Students interested in drama can attend a range of classes offered by CSJ Drama.

For more information visit the Chilton Dance Centre and CSJ Drama.

Chilton Music School - Extra Curricular


As a member of the Association of Cambridge Schools in NZ (ACSNZ), Chilton Saint James School warmly welcomes applications from students at all levels to become international students.

All students at Chilton learn in a supportive environment, and enjoy the benefits of an education tailored to the pursuit of inner growth and confidence.

Chilton Saint James School has traditionally expected all international students to live with a homestay or family member. Our homestay facilities offer safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation to our students. We cater for all needs, big or small, and are focussed on delivering a great experience for daughter or son while she/he studies with us in New Zealand.

Chilton Music School - International Students


Chilton Music School - Offerings

Education at one of New Zealand’s top-performing independent schools regularly placed in the top 2% in national examinations.

Chilton Music School - Offerings
Chilton Music School - Offerings

A school committed to students’ all-round development.

A safe location in the picturesque city of Lower Hutt, adjacent to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

The opportunity to achieve your academic potential through Cambridge International Assessment Education.

A choice of study that can include a wide range of subjects.

Excellent computer facilities.

Guidance and support in your choice of subjects and future career.

Access to a wide range of sport and performing arts activities.

Quality facilities: art rooms, gymnasium, theatre, tennis courts, library, playing fields and a swimming pool.

Care and understanding through an orientation programme as you settle into a new environment.

Personally selected, quality homestay with a New Zealand family.

A personal support system dedicated to the wellbeing of students.

Advice and help with immigration requirements, insurance and guardianship for international students.

University preparation.

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