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Make music your world with performance and programmes integrated into the school day.

Chilton Music School - Music Study


Each student will have a tailored timetable to suit his or her needs, particularly taking into account practice time, extension music courses, chamber music and ensembles, as well as an exciting programme of masterclasses across the year. Students at Chilton Music School will also receive the excellent academic tuition that is available at Chilton Saint James School, following the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations systems of IGCSEs and A Levels.
Why Chilton Music School exists

There is a significant need in New Zealand to provide specialist music teaching for talented young people who are motivated and serious about taking their music into the future as a professional musician. Unlike any other school in New Zealand, Chilton Music School is able to facilitate the detailed and varied extended curriculum that allows students to progress to the level of their international contemporaries.

Practice time in the school day

One of the most significant benefits of the Chilton Music School programme is the ability to provide time during the school day for dedicated music practice. The school recognises that this is an essential part of the provision of a specialist music school and is key to the development of young musicians. Chilton is proud to be the only school that builds this practice time that young musicians need and want into the school day.

Performance opportunities

At Chilton Music School there will be regular opportunities for students to share their progress in performance. These will take the form of intimate lunchtime recitals through to full concerto performances. Students at Chilton Music School are encouraged to set their own performance goals and to perform publicly at least once per term.

Chilton Music School - Music Study
Music extension programmes

Alongside the school’s academic provisions, Chilton Music School has its own specialised, unique music curriculum. The aim is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to give them the most holistic music education possible and to put them on an equal footing with students who attend other specialist music schools around the world.

Students will undertake a music programme that covers:

  • Chamber music coaching. This can be preparation for national and international chamber music competitions.
  • Advanced composition. Pieces are likely to be performed, recorded and submitted for national and international composition competitions.
  • Musicology. Music history, analysis and extension repertoire/listening.
  • Musicianship skills. Aural skills, conducting coaching, harmony and counterpoint classes and keyboard skills (where applicable).
  • Performer skills. Including: crafting programmes, guidance about managing the lifestyle of a professional musician, and entering international performance competitions and exchanges.

In addition, it is highly likely that, as students progress, they will wish to undertake diplomas and tertiary scholarship preparations. For many aspiring musicians these music qualifications are just as important as the academic qualifications, and time, coaching and guidance, will be made available for students to prepare for them.

Chamber music and ensembles

A flourishing chamber music and ensembles programme is essential to enable students to make music together. Students will be assigned to a chamber music group at the start of the year, with key performance targets and objectives, and will receive coaching from professional tutors and Chilton Music School staff to develop their skills while playing with others.


In 2020, a masterclass series will include an exciting range of performers and teachers from New Zealand and abroad to coach the school’s talented students. The most recent masterclass was delivered by international concert violinist Benjamin Baker, who is also one of the school’s Creative Board members.

Pastoral care

The care of students at Chilton Music School is of the utmost importance. Young musicians need a welcoming, caring and supportive environment in which to thrive, and the school is dedicated to ensuring students’ wellbeing by promoting healthy lifestyles and work-life balance.

All students will be allocated a tutor, with whom they will have one-on-one meetings to discuss areas of concern and development, such as overcoming performance anxiety, dealing with stress and mastering time management, alongside more general pastoral matters and areas of academic concern.

Tertiary pathways

All Chilton Music School, students will be guided on their future options, receiving individualised advice, guidance and strategies to pursue post-school opportunities successfully both in New Zealand and abroad. Many of the students will aim to study music at some of the top music institutions in the world, and Mr Tom Chatterton, alongside the Creative Board, will advise on the most suitable pathways into the music world.

Chilton Music School - Music Study
The Director of Music would be delighted to discuss Chilton Music School further with interested parties and to organise pre-auditions.
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