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Be one of the few to enter Chilton Music School’s first intake in 2020.


Entry into Chilton Music School is via audition, interview and academic testing. Auditions will be held at Chilton Saint James School in September 2019.

To be considered for this programme, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • All participants must be enthusiastic and talented musicians who wish to receive an intensive musical education. They should have achieved a high standard of performance on their first instrument.
  • Applicants must submit a recording (ideally video) of themselves performing on their first instrument with their application in order to be considered for an interview. A full list of details about the application process and required information can be found on the application form.

The Director of Music would be delighted to discuss Chilton Music School further with interested parties and to organise pre-auditions.

Please feel free to contact Tom Chatterton.

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Students who are invited to audition will:

  • Be interviewed by the Principal of Chilton Saint James School and the Director of Chilton Music School. If students reside a considerable distance away, it could be a Skype interview.
  • Present a live performance on their first instrument and complete some musical tests, scales/exercises, sight reading and aural skills.
  • Sit a Mathematics and English test.

Chilton Saint James School offers a wide range of scholarships. Please contact Chilton Music School Director Mr Tom Chatterton to find out more information.



Term fees for Chilton Music School are $5,625 (incl GST). This covers the delivery of all music and academic classes. One-on-one lessons, which can be facilitated by the Director of the Music School, are in addition to the term fees.


Throughout the year, it is anticipated that there may be a range of field trips relating to music and other academic class related costs. These will be notified and charged throughout the year.

Sibling and prepayment discounts

A sibling discount of 7.5% is applied to all sets of tuition fees if two or more siblings attend Chilton Saint James School concurrently, provided that none receives a scholarship or any other form of financial assistance from the school.

A prepayment discount of 2.5% is applied to tuition fees when paid in full in advance of the school year.


Chilton Music School students will wear the Chilton uniform. Boys will substitute a white shirt for a black one.

View uniform list here


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Please give a brief outline of your musical experiences and training (max 150 words).

NOTE: Once you submit this application you will be requested to upload a video performance with your first instrument.

Chilton Music School - Apply Now